About Us

Our beginnings & Inspiration

CRF Consulting, LLC is an Iowa Corporation owned by John & Jayne Klein of Dunlap, Iowa. For the past 28 years John has been actively involved in all aspects of agriculture business consulting focusing on livestock production.  Broadly this includes: feed sales, sales management, product management, facility management, department management, and research and development of new products. CRF Consulting is a three leg business to withstand the abrupt changes in the agricultural feed markets.

During the last five years of John's career at ADM, he was heavily involved in their Crop Residue Research. As product manager of ADM’s Second Crop Service he developed an on-farm residue treatment system and maintains his licensee with ADM to continue to provide that service. John actively partnered with John Deere, Monsanto, Iowa Biofibers, Hillco, University of Nebraska, Kansas State University, Purdue, and a host of others in a variety of research projects. These leading edge research successes inspired the formation of CRF Consulting, LLC in 2015. For more information about these research activities and the economic value to you click here, Crop Residue Research.

CRF Consulting continues to focus on providing the on-farm residue treatment service that ADM was executing. CRF Consulting coordinates the water supply, tub grinder, and monitors the residue treatment to improve the feeding value of poor quality feeds, i.e. corn stalks and wheat straw. 

The second leg of the business concentrated on custom formulating feeds for a dealer network. The feeds are toll-manufactured for CRF Consulting labeling and sold to the dealer network John consults for. Iowa Ag Biofibers, IABF, is a company John has worked with for over 10 years, and has been pelleting crop residue for several years. Along with consulting for IABF, John has helped them build a line of feeds that incorporate crop residues into their feeds. CRF Consulting continues to develop new products for the livestock industry as well as non-ag industries. IABF allows CRF Consulting the ability to research and develop new products for university trials and field research. Our work with the Department of Energy, as well as other non-ag industries, provides us another avenue to grow. Several of the feeds we have developed at IABF have been shown to other large feed companies, ADM, Hubbard, Kent, and Land O’ Lakes, to encourage them to incorporate crop residue into their formulas as an ingredient. As a result, three of the four companies are using it or are still testing it.


Finally, the third leg of CRF Consulting consists of product development. After extensive experimentation in their new facility, several new products were developed, field-tested and sold through their dealer network and retail customers over the last 3 years with great success. Due to this success, there is a need to commercialize these products on a moderate scale. The new facility offers the opportunity to build products on a large scale, and allow the dealer network to retail the new products in their markets to start to build a base of business. Future plant locations are being considered and evaluated. These products are exclusive to the technology and will remain the intellectual property of CRF Consulting and IABF. These new products will create multiple jobs in the future from residue harvest, buildings for bale storage, processing plants, new equipment for feeders, and manufacturing. The plant also allows CRF Consulting to have a facility for warehousing equipment for on-farm treatment service and feed inventory, in addition to providing a working lab. 

Owners, John & Jayne Klein

Owners, John & Jayne Klein